Friday, June 19, 2009

Anarchy characterise with no effective government management. While it is true in SA about government is general, the road safety is very clear example of it. The business people do what they want without any regard to road safety. Police everyday drive there and they do not care. It is well known that police cannot be too intelligent, and is it also known that they do not have adequate road safety knowledge, nor pro safety attitude. They cannot see what is happening almost everyday.

It is natural that business may be pushing the boundaries in advertisement but in this case the electrical overhead wires seem to be the limit and sideways the road itself. All we need is government asking: how many people were killed by this?

If this question is wise than imagine thousands of speeding motorists may ask same question. Will government accept it as an excuse?

So clearly government is not interested in road safety but in imposing own agenda.

Sensible people also have baloons but they are secured by 5cm string, why SA Lounges have often over a metre and on the kerb where wind blows in the face of any driver and very dramatically in face of cyclists or motor cyclists. Cyclist wanting to avoid it, may turn into middle lane and get hit by incoming car. This is not important, as long as SA Lounges advertise... what they advertise? Ah, baloons.

Police travel there everyday, politicians do travel and cannot see that, "wise" scientists conducting research on factors contributing to road danger and they cannot see it. If however tragedy happen, the official on media with sad face declare: it is unfortunate accident... oh we have to do something about... perhaps we should talk to the shop owner is he/she think it is too dangerous? And motorists, becareful of the baloons when you drive.

Scientists come up with brilliant solution - baloon detection and warning device, it costs only.... and business goes on and everybody is happy thereafter.

Road safety campaigner

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